Chelsea joined the TASC family in 2012 by enrolling in the Supported Living Services Program (SLS). This program involves one-on-one care from a team of TASC staff while participants receive employment preparation and skills training. Last year, Chelsea began attending the community-based Day Program which added a new level of independence and higher quality of life. She has been very successful during her volunteer activities working with Pet Orphans, One Generation, and the Children’s Hunger Fund. As a young woman, these activities further opened her heart and gave her the opportunity to socialize, form meaningful friendships and develop hobbies. She enjoys picnics, shopping, bowling, checking out books from the library, all the while being able to advocate for herself and communicate clearly and assertively what she needs.

After having very little contact with her siblings for many years, Chelsea’s TASC Coordinator helped her to arrange a meeting with her brother and his stepmother. Now the three get together at least once a month to do something as a family. The reunion has made her very happy, and she is planning to reconnect with her other sibling as well, with the ultimate goal of visiting her grandparents in Northern California.

Chelsea expresses her appreciation for TASC every day, and we appreciate Chelsea for her courage, kindness, and spirit.

For 30 years, The Adult Skills Center (TASC) has been providing individuals, with intellectual and developmental disabilities, the instruction, training and support needed to ensure that they achieve their highest level of independence, develop a sense of well-being, and realize their greatest potential.

In honor of TASC’s 30-year anniversary, we will be sharing stories about how people have been positively and powerfully impacted by our programs.


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