TASC Administrators

Kenneth E. Lane

Kenneth E. Lane, M.Ed., Founder

In 1987, with the aid of the North Los Angeles County Regional Center, Ken created The Adult Skills Center (TASC). After 33 years of leadership at TASC, Ken retired on January 1, 2021. As the founding Executive Director, Ken was responsible for the development of the TASC programs. TASC began as a small Day Services Program with 12 participants and 4 staff members. Today, TASC employs over 240 staff members and serves nearly 200 clients each year. Ken’s natural warmth and caring style has been his trademark in his work at TASC. This core culture has become the philosophy that has led TASC to become a role model for other agencies serving individuals with developmental disabilities.

As the Executive Director, Ken has been responsible for leading TASC in the development of several TASC programs. With Ken’s philosophy of providing comprehensive services to the TASC clients, the following programs are now a part of TASC services: Community Integration Training (CIT), Independent Living Skills (ILS), Supported Living Services (SLS), Specialized Therapeutic Services (STS), Supported Employment (SE), as well as TASC’s microenterprises such as the Sunny Spot store.

Throughout his career, Ken has been actively involved with advocacy including being a member of the North Los Angeles County Regional Center (NLACRC) Vendor Advisory Committee and a member of the Valley Industry & Commerce Association (VICA), as well as the Los Angeles Coalition of Service Providers. Ken received the Jynny Retzinger Award for Legislative Advocacy in 2017.


Ken says, “I am proud of the fact that TASC has grown to make it possible for over 240 staff members to be employed, providing professional and compassionate services to the men and women we serve. I am especially proud to have made a real difference in the lives of over 2,500 clients and their families over the past 30 years.”

dennis rutnam

Dennis Rutnam, Executive Director

Dennis is the successor to TASC founder and former Executive Director, Kenneth E. Lane. Dennis brings continuity, loyalty and stability to provide the best support for TASC clients with developmental disabilities and maintains TASC’s unique kind, caring and family-like culture.

Dennis has worked for TASC over the past 23 years. Within that time at TASC, he has worked in nearly every position. He began as a Day Services Instructor, progressed to ILS Coordinator, Day Services Director, ILS/SLS Program Director and, for the past eight years, the Deputy Executive Director of TASC.

During Dennis’ time at TASC he helped Ken Lane turn the small agency into an industry powerhouse while gaining the respect and support from TASC’s referral sources and colleagues. With his remarkable insights and experience, Dennis brings his passion for helping individuals with developmental disabilities, along with his strong organizational and leadership skills to lead and grow TASC into its next chapter. drutnam@taschq.com

Dennis says, “I have really enjoyed being a part of TASC s growth and development these many years. I have appreciated working so closely with consumers, their families and the TASC staff to make sure that the consumers are receiving everything they need to live as independently and successfully as they possibly can.”

Alona Yorkshire

Alona Yorkshire, M.Ed., BCBA, Deputy Executive Director

Alona has been with TASC over the past eight plus years. She is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) with a Master’s in Special Education. Alona started at TASC as a Day Services Instructor and worked her way up to her most previous position as Clinical Director of Day Services, overseeing the Community Integration Training (CIT), Specialized Therapeutic Services (STS) and Employment programs. Alona has already been an instrumental part of not only growing TASC’s services, but also as a leader for TASC’s advocacy efforts. She is a member of two Developmental Services (DS) Task Force’s workgroups: Safety Net and Fiscal Reform.

Alona is passionate about providing services for the most fragile individuals with developmental disabilities and is an advocate for a person-centered approach to ensure that services are individualized and flexible to each person’s unique needs. On a personal note, she has adopted 5 animals from the shelter where the day program volunteers! ayorkshire@taschq.com

Board of Directors

Nick Leone, Board President
Ignacio Andrade, M.A.
Barbara Baum, M.S.
Linda Crisostomo
Larry W. Getlin, J.D.
John Gutierrez, M.S.W.
Beth Lasky, PH.D.
Ethel Swanson, M.S.
David Uranga, M.A.

Advisory Council Members

Yair Katzir
Dr. Donna Lane
LaRae Robin Littlefield
Valerie Lord