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TASC Day Services

  • Our Day Services support consumers as they learn independent, personal and employment skills in an intimate classroom setting.
  • As our consumers progress through the various levels of the program, they participate in advanced classes as well as greater community integration.
  • The ultimate goal of our Day Services is for consumers to gain the skills necessary to pursue their individual goals: employment, independent living, greater educational opportunities or the ability to do more for themselves and their families.
  • Vendor number: PL1498, Service Code 505

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TASC Community Programs

  • Our Independent Living Skills (ILS) Program provides 1:1 individualized instruction to consumers who currently live, or are preparing to live on their own within the community.
  • Vendor number: H17814, Service Code 520
  • Our Cooperative Home Program provides a transitional living environment making it possible for consumers who want to live independently (but may not be quite ready) to receive 1:1 instruction while also having other consumers and TASC staff on site and/or available.
  • The format of this program (1:1 instruction) utilizes our Independent Living Skills (ILS) instructors. The information is the same as the ILS program:
  • Vendor Number: H17814, Service Code 505
  • Our Supported Living Services (SLS) Program provides a more intensive level of hands-on daily assistance to consumers who have a greater need for support from their TASC staff. This program makes it possible for consumers who may otherwise, be forced to live in a dependent environment instead of independently within the community safely and successfully.
  • Vendor Number: PL0052, Service Code 896

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      Our Mission & Vision

      • TASC’s mission is to provide individuals with developmental disabilities the instruction, training and support needed to ensure that they achieve their highest level of independence, develop a sense of well-being, and realize their greatest potential.
      • We envision a future where individuals with developmental disabilities live fully integrated lives within their community. They will have opportunities to share in all aspects of a full, productive, personally meaningful and satisfying life.

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