Our History

tasc history

Since 1987, The Adult Skills Center (TASC) has provided services to nearly 2500 individuals with developmental disabilities ranging from intellectual disabilities to autism, cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Since that time, TASC has grown significantly, developing several different programs each focusing on what TASC has identified as the unique needs of the men and women we serve. “I began TASC 30 years ago so that TASC participants and their families would play an important role in the direction of the services and support they receive. It has always been important to me that everyone associated with TASC, including participants, their families and staff feel every day that they are a part of the TASC family.” – Ken Lane


TASC opens with 4 staff members and 12 clients


TASC added an Independent Living Skills Program (ILS) working with consumers one-on-one within the community


TASC added a Cooperative Home Program helping consumers transition from their family’s home or a group home to an apartment of their own within the community


TASC added a Supported Living Services Program (SLS) for folks with a higher level of need who otherwise wouldn’t be able to live on their own within the community


TASC added a Gardening and Outdoor Maintenance Program helping consumers prepare for employment in these specific areas


TASC added a Mobility Program helping consumers navigate the bus systems and ACCESS services in order to be more independent and safe within the community


TASC added a Community Living Assistance Program (CLAP), where TASC consumers were eligible to receive no interest loans to assist them in moving within the community (startup costs such as 1st months’ rent, security deposit, furnishings, etc.)


TASC was awarded a grant from the John Gogian Family Foundation enabling us to add an Older Adults Successful Aging Program to address the special aging needs of our consumers.


In October of 2014, TASC moved from a site based Day Program to a 100% Community Integrated Day Program.


In 2016 TASC began its first CIT program offering more intensive services in a 1:1, 1:2 and 1:3 ration setting


In 2016 TASC began offering Specialized Therapeutic Services (STS) that includes Psychological Services, Behavioral Services, Health Services, and Community Integration Training.


In 2017 TASC opened up its first store “The Sunny Spot”. With the Sunny Spot, TASC is able to provide a high level of job training and competitive employment to its clients.