In Home Services

Independent Living Skills (ILS)

The Independent Living Skills or ILS Program provides one-on-one individualized instruction to participants who currently live, or are preparing to live, in their own residences within the community.

TASC ILS instructors with specialized expertise and skills are selected to work with individual participants requiring those specific skills in order for them to be successful in reaching their independent living goals (accessing community resources, managing medical appointments, home maintenance and medications, etc.).

Supported Living Services (SLS)

For consumers with a greater need for support, TASC instructors offer a more intensive level of hands-on daily assistance.

Without this support, it would be necessary for many of our SLS consumers to remain in their own home or possibly live in group homes or even larger institutions.

TASC has become well-known and respected for our ability to personalize the services that we provide to our consumers making it possible for individuals who face significant challenges to live successfully within the community.

Contact ILS/SLS:

Howard Grossman, LMFT
ILS/SLS Director

Jennifer Pecor, Coordinator

Lisa Calderon, Coordinator

Martis Jackson, Coordinator

Diana Murcia, Coordinator