Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Adult Skills Center (TASC) provides innovative and proactive services that empowers individuals with diverse intellectual, developmental and mental health needs to achieve their highest level of independence and realize their greatest potential.

  • Empowerment. We believe that nurturing self-confidence is paramount and that all people are able to learn and grow when given the necessary support and encouragement from those around them.
  • Equality. We believe that all people require respect and consideration to enable them to achieve their full potential.
  • Self-Direction. We believe that all people have the right to make choices and decisions about their lives that lead to more independent and productive futures.
  • Collaboration. We are stronger together through collaboration and teamwork with a family-like culture embracing differences, respecting one another as equals both within TASC’s internal environment and within the community we serve.
  • Good Stewardship. We believe in good stewardship both of the exceptional and person-centered services we strive to provide every day, and for leading our organization with integrity and business excellence.
  • Courage. We believe it takes courage; to be innovative in our programs, to overcome personal adversity and to be the leaders that contribute to the advancement of our community and those we serve. We are not afraid to confront adversity and to find opportunities for growth in all that we do, and do it together as the TASC family.

Vision Statement

We envision a future where individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities live fully integrated lives within their community. All people will have opportunities to share in all aspects of a full, productive, healthy, personally meaningful and satisfying life.

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